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Haki Centre is a registered Non-Governmental human rights Organization working within the coastal region of Kenya. The organization was founded in 2006 by a group of young and vibrant human rights activists from the Coast and North Eastern Provinces of Kenya, to promote the progressive realization of human rights in the region by ensuring communities’ ownership and active engagement in the struggles for justice, good governance and equity.

In 2012, Haki Centre Organization officially registered itself with the NGO board through number OP.218/051/12-300/8231.


“An empowered society that upholds human rights, justice and equity.”


“Promoting social justice by enhancing community participation in sustainable development processes.”

Our Goal

“Enhance constitutionalism and good governance through awareness creation and people’s participation.”


Inform, Change, Develop

Strategic Objectives

Haki Centre endeavours to fulfil the following strategic objectives by 2020;

  • Promote peaceful coexistence among the coastal communities;
  • Create awareness on Economic and social cultural rights for sustainable development;
  • Promote a culture of human rights amongst coastal communities by ensuring access to justice and the rule of law;
  • Promote equity and non-discrimination in the coastal region of Kenya.

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