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Welcome to Haki Centre

In the early 2000s, most of the organizations operating within the coastal region were either national or international NGOs. These organizations implemented plans which were developed at the headquarters and in most cases did not reflect the needs of the coastal communities. On the other hand, the local CSO’s were headed by the older generation; giving no chances for the youth and the young societal members.
It was during this time (in 2006) that a group of young and energetic human rights activists from the Coast and North Eastern Provinces of Kenya came together to form an organization with the aim of promoting the progressive realization of human rights in the region by ensuring communities’ ownership and active engagement in the struggles for justice, good governance and equity. Initially, the organization was called, Centre for Human Rights and Good Governathence (CHRGG). This name did not go well with the coastal communities since it looked more of western with legal jargons. In the year 2009, name was changed to Haki Zetu Centre which is a local word meaning “Our rights” more


“An empowered society that upholds human rights, justice and equity”


“Promoting social justice by enhancing community participation in sustainable development processes”


“Enhance constitutionalism and good governance through awareness creation and people’s participation by 2017”

Strategic Objectives

Strategic objective 1: To enhance the capacity of the coastal communities to hold individuals and institutions responsible and accountable for their action by more


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